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    Marathon in a dream means struggle and constant challenges in life. It is a symbol of strength and the slow pursuit of goals.
    watching the marathon - a sign that you will feel great satisfaction from completing a certain task
    if you are a marathon participant - someone will warn you about the upcoming long and arduous fight
    training before the marathon - the challenge you undertake will require a lot of time and commitment from you winning the marathon - is a confirmation of your readiness and willingness to take on the challenges you have been waiting for a long time
    marathon loser - you will be warned about impending difficulties that you have been avoiding for a long time
    marathon on a cloudy or rainy day - can mean frustration in love
    marathon on a sunny day - promises hope for success
    many participants marathon crews - it is a sign that you will realize that the struggle you are about to undertake is nothing special
    a small number of marathon participants - it portends a feeling of loneliness, consider now it may be time for you to become more socially involved
    a marathon in a vast area - it proves that you are looking for freedom from commitments
    uphill or narrow road marathon - means sexual frustration.

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