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Maneuvers in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

Maneuvers in a dream symbolize change. In the near future, you will have an opportunity to win over people. Also, by following someone else's advice, a problem will clear up and it will make you look at it more objectively. Note that maneuvers are usually military related and the interpretation of this dream is highly context-dependent. For a better understanding of the symbolism, check also the meaning of dream about Army

Meaning of Dreams About Maneuvers

Carrying out maneuvers suggests that you will not be completely honest in a certain situation. You will likely try to be on the lookout to protect your interests. It is possible that you are doing something against yourself, but the specter of achieving your goal motivates you to continue.

If in a dream you see someone executing a maneuver, it is a sign that your warnings will be in vain. You will advise a loved one, but they will go against your advice.

Carrying out a failed maneuver suggests you are in a situation where you feel insecure. You may need help but for some reason you are afraid to ask for it, or you just don't want to do it. You feel that you have to solve the problem yourself and thus regain confidence in your own abilities.

Frustrating someone else's maneuver means you trust your intuition a lot and rarely fail. You are not the kind of person who blindly believes everything people say.

Stopping maneuvers in your dream indicates that your intuition is telling you that you should withdraw from an endeavor or it will not be successful for you.

When in a dream you hear someone commenting on military maneuvers, it is a sign that you are entering into a discussion about the current political or economic situation.

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