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Beech (tree) in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The beech tree in a dream is a symbol of the shield, the mature side of nature and connection with other people, a dream is also a message for the dreamer that it is not he is alone in the world.
    view of the beech - very often it is a sign of loneliness or selfish approach to life, remember that helping other people can make your daily existence much easier
    a few beech trees - can herald life difficulties and adversities
    growing beech - it is a sign that you will finally be able to do what you want enjoys life, difficult life situation will return to normal
    watering a small beech - means that you care too much in life about things that do not concern you
    green beech - bodes well for the future, health and long life
    withered beech - you will stand still or even regress in your development
    with a knob ź beechwood - is a harbinger of a wonderful existence
    if you are climbing the beech - it means that you are looking for new experiences that will make your life take on colors again.

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