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Army in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    An army in a dream is an action symbol that represents a sense of healing and fullness, foretelling immediate conflict and emotional disturbance. Dream can indicate future aggression, anger, fear and even trauma. The army should be associated not only with war and aggression, but also with the need for courage and understanding of others. Usually it depicts the dreamer's way of dealing with problems and people, as well as the sense of exclusion.
    When you dream that you are seeing an army, it is a sign that you feel overwhelmed by work or other activities that you take in your daily life. You are unable to cope with the current situation, perhaps you feel that you are still under pressure from an overwhelming force that gives others an advantage over you.
    If you dream that the army is losing in a battle, you make bad decisions because of your weaknesses and arrogance, and you may also feel lonely or rejected by friends or family.
    Joining the army in a dream augurs success in the financial field, is a sign of discipline, is associated with an internal conflict and a sense of exclusion, it can also portend a new job. Dream also shows a feeling of superiority towards others, perhaps you have the impression that in some respects you have a chance to achieve much more than your rivals.
    If you are in the army, a dream shows you longing for a more organized life.
    When you dream that you are seeing other people serving in the army, it is a sign that you may have difficulty interacting with your relatives.
    If you dream of an army in war, it means that you are in conflict with a certain person, if you do not oppose him in time, it will completely disorganize your life. In another sense, the dream portends positive changes in social status.
    An army officer appearing in dreams is a harbinger of an improvement in family relations.
    An armed army in a dream means that someone will hurt you in the future, but in the end you will manage to endure difficult times and go completely straight.
    Dreaming about a foreign army has a negative meaning, it shows a lack of peace in life and a lack of willingness to fight constantly.
    If a woman dreams of an approaching army, it portends conflicts with relatives and friends because of her own stubbornness.

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