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    According to the dream book, the splinter expresses frustration caused by unimportant issues. The trivial problem that prevents you from looking ahead will now change your well-being. The dream interpretation says that money in your home budget will start to increase over time, but it will become a pain in the eyes of your loved ones. While you should be happy now, the atmosphere around you will be difficult, but over time you will learn positive conclusions from the situation and see positive changes.

The meaning of dream

    If you have a splinter and you are in pain, it is a sign that someone close to you will get you into serious trouble. You should be extremely careful in the near future as unexpected problems will arise.
    When you cannot take the splinter out, according to the dream book, you will treat any harshness as a personal insult. It will be difficult for your loved ones to establish positive relationships with you again.
    Taking a splinter out means in a dream that you will stop worrying about criticism at yourself and very well, there will always be a malcontent who will not be fine.
    If you have a splinter in your foot, then the dream book states that you neglect your interests and that you will be excluded from a profitable venture. Be careful because your partner may deceive you. A dream in which a splinter appears is also an announcement of uninvited guests.

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Mystical dream interpretation:

    According to the dream book, the splinter is a symbol of pain, unpleasantness and suffering. If the splinter is stuck in the body, then it portends harshness and betrayal by the people with whom you live very closely. The flying splinters herald failed undertakings and false hopes. The dream interpretation explains that a splinter stuck in a hand or a foot augurs a visit by unwanted guests who may make you feel uncomfortable.

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