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African in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Dream is a warning against excessive posturing in the dreamer's life. Africans are a symbol of initiation, courage, poverty, spiritual development, and preparation for battle and peace. There is a certain level of anonymity behind these types of dreams, which shows that we are fed up with the buzz and noise around us.
    seeing them - heralds that in difficult times you will use your opponents to achieve the desired peace in your territory
    if you are one of them - you will have to take over the rules and behavior of the group in which you want to live on a daily basis
    if you talk to them, the dream foretells that your fighting attitude will encourage many others to take action
    African shaman - announces that you will enjoy great health for a long time, but you can also have contact with sick people
    African tribe - means that getting to know foreign cultures will broaden your picture of the world and will affect your way of life so far
    if you see many Africans - despite many real and alleged dangers, you will cross the borders of the world known to you
    when they celebrate - it is a sign that out of curiosity and the rush of knowledge, you will undertake an interesting and emotional undertaking
    African warrior - he announces that you will meet a mighty person, thanks to whom you will experience spiritual development
    when you are afraid of them, it's time to grow up and change your priorities otherwise
    fighting them- is a sign that you should prepare yourself for the advent of difficult times, which will not be an easy task for you.

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