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Cane in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A phallic symbol that illustrates one's own beliefs about the erotic sphere. masculine point of view and a specific attitude towards sex.
    to see - watch out for the extreme irresponsibility of certain people, because you can suffer great losses because of them
    hitting someone with a cane - you will stop treating your friends with due respect
    be beaten by it - someone will give you good advice, better use it
    carry a cane - you will feel satisfaction with your work
    lean on a cane - you will not be able to make a certain decision on your own or your friend will fail you
    broken cane - a difficult period ahead of you, so it will not be easy for you to be guided by prudence and common sense in life
    to lose your cane - sleep may indicate impotence
    white cane - a very bad omen that is associated with death
    reed cane - although in some circumstances you will give your best, someone will misjudge you.

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