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    Usually, a dream foretells numerous difficulties and worries in life. According to the eastern tradition, a deed in dreams announces a quarrel with people from the immediate vicinity.
    good deed - you will finally find out that there are many options for overcoming the difficulties that will stand in your way, you just have to choose the best one
    shameful deed - a dream portends the loss of money or good name
    ill-considered deed - a sign that the actions of a certain person will start to irritate you a lot
    if someone catches you red-handed - then your efforts will not bring the expected results
    if you catch someone red-handed - you will have a good chance of implementing your plans
    if someone praises your deed - a dream means that you will enjoy the trust and honesty of your loved ones
    when you comment on someone else's deeds - your innocence related to past actions will finally come to light
    when someone criticizes your deeds - you will soon face financial problems
    spontaneous deed - a very positive sign that can be associated with unexpected profits or making new and very beneficial relationships.

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