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Decision in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream of resolution means strength and determination to pursue goals. Often times, a dream also relates to your desperate desire to regain control of certain aspects of your life, especially in the professional sphere, but it can also be related to your emotional or family sphere.

The detailed meaning of the dream about the DECISION

    The decision to change your life so far means that you have finally assessed your strengths and know how to properly use them to achieve your desired goal.
    Making a decision list suggests in a dream that you will soon make the right choice.
    If you decide to leave your current life and live in the wild, such a dream is a signal that something in your waking life has not turned out according to your plan, and the accumulating problems are slowly starting to overwhelm you.
    Abandoning your decision means that you will have to take care of someone who is extremely indecisive.
    If your decisions in a dream affect people in your immediate vicinity, then such a dream suggests that you will deal with a family problem in a much better way than you initially expected
    New Year's decision suggest that you will soon be able to take control of your troubling situation and know what to do, even though you are feeling slightly confused at the moment.
    If in a dream you see a person who making a decision, then such a dream may indicate that you are looking for a mentor, or that someone has a strong influence on your life.
    Seeing a person in a dream who decides to harm you suggests that you should remain vigilant as there may be a difficult time in real life.

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