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Awning in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

The awning that appears in dreams is a symbol of protection and special support that is provided to the dreamer on a daily basis by friends and the closest family. Everything indicates that someone is looking after you, which makes you feel safe. Interpreting the dream of the marquis is a clear message that we should appreciate the efforts of loving people around us who wish us well.

What does it mean to dream about AWNING?

The view of the awning is a sign that you need someone to unfold a protective coat over you, because you cannot cope with your own problems. Better think about whether you really want others to interfere in your affairs, because the machine that moves may not stop later.

A damaged or dirty awning means that you do not use the advice and experiences of people who want the best for you.

Unfolding the awning means in dreams that the person who has a deep affection for you is thinking about you or has lofty plans for you.

The terrace awning heralds a time of rest and respite from everyday matters.

Rolling up the awning is a dream announcement that you will lose the support of a man who has been your mentor for a long time, it will be a difficult time for you, which you will have to wait out.

A garden awning is a sign of harmony and organized life. It reflects the stabilized life of the dreamer to which he can boast to the world. If an awning obscures the garden, it means that at the most inopportune moment someone will stick a stick into the anthill and disrupt your orderly life.

A balcony awning in dreams is a sign that you want to hide from other people's eyesight. In dreams, it heralds the breaking of numerous ties and contacts, the desire to rest from one's own environment, or a partial or complete withdrawal from social life.

The awning as a cookie is a symbol that announces small pleasures that will affect your further life and the sense of freedom.

A bitten marquise foretells loss in dreams, and is also a sign of stinginess at every stage of the dreamer's life.

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