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    A drinker appearing in a dream shows that we allow our primal instincts to guide our own lives.
    see - you need to be more restrained in your interests, ideas or actions; too hasty decisions can lead to irreversible results
    staggering - you will try to escape from your problems
    to see a group of drinkers - fate will smile at you, you will earn a lot of money
    be a drinker - you will start to act carelessly or become insensitive to other people
    to see someone lying - you slowly lose your sense of reality, if you want to get up you have to take back control of your life as soon as possible
    argue with drinker - you will try to escape from a complicated situation in your life or a complicated relationship with a certain person
    beat a drinker - be careful, you risk losing control of your own life.

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