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Hole in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream as a warning; a symbol of an ambush to fall into in everyday life.
    see the hole - you need to broaden your interests and activities in order not to fall into an extreme routine
    fall into a hole - be careful not to fall into a trap that someone is trying to set for you
    increasing - such a dream indicates family problems that have been growing for some time, be careful - because if you do not manage to fix them quickly, they can lead to depression
    hole in clothes - through your own mistakes you will learn many new things
    hole in the dress - beware of cheats
    hole in shoes - fear of failure takes away all your confidence
    patch a hole - sadness
    exceptionally large hole - you do something stupid, which will make yourself laughable and u loss of respect from the environment
    hole in the road - you will ventilate some trick or find out what human perverseness can lead to
    hole in the ground - you will fall into bad company.

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