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Calculate in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The face in a dream shows the world the real human form of a man and is a reflection of his own soul. Very often it presents an image that does not correspond to reality. for example, it may represent very bad character traits, while a person with an ugly face may hide a good heart. It is difficult to judge a person only by his appearance, because what we see is not always the right one.
    own face - health problems
    change face - you will have to deal with a two-faced man
    have a beautiful face yourself - your children will be happy in life
    to see your own face reflected in the water - a long and beautiful life awaits you
    to see face of God - it is a very successful omen that gives hope for a better life
    cover the face e - you will get bad news that will make you very sad
    wash - you will regret your own decisions, so think twice before deciding to take specific steps
    pale face - heralds illness
    ugly - heralds worries and troubles.

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