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    Rules are part of life, but when you dream of them, they are symbols of restriction, fairness and discipline. A dream of rules indicates the need to keep order in life, it is also a sign of your emotional well-being and making it visible how others are blocking or impeding your progress on your spiritual path Breaking certain rules in a dream can indicate a repressed feeling of being unfairly treated in your life.
    following the rules - indicates that you will set yourself unreasonable goals in your life or that you are waiting for a new beginning
    breaking the rules - indicates a sense of life frustration or a sense of imprisonment in your own life; perhaps you feel that someone is treating you unfairly, or you think it's time to stop letting others set your goals for you
    creating them - is a sign that you need more in your life discipline
    issues stating rules - symbolizes an internal conflict and personal struggles with everyday life
    imposing your rules on others - usually in a dream it is an attempt to take control over one's own life
    if others understand the rules well - this is a good sign that there is a good chance that there are still places where you can meet your goals
    strict rules - in dreams indicate that in certain areas of your life you limit yourself too much or demand too much from yourself
    imposing too many rules on someone - shows that that you feel over-controlled by others or in some respects pressured to make important decisions in your life
    rules set out at work - this is a sign that you want to focus on these areas of your life professional because you feel that certain things are not as they should be
    focusing on principles - a sign that you have the right to set your own boundaries, and that others are not allowed to cross them.

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