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August in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    August in a dream is a harbinger of life changes, unexpected joy and unnecessary worries, as well as a harbinger of numerous misunderstandings in relationships or in business. August is a busy month in which you can happily reap the fruits of your work, if you persistently strive for success and if you are diligent enough, you will never end up in poverty.
    If you dream that it is August now, it is a sign that the transaction you were counting on will not come to fruition, because you will be tricked by someone by delaying an important decision for too long.
    If you get married in August, then in the first period of marriage you will have many worries, although you will dream of entering into a relationship based on good relations and trust, your life will turn out differently. It is unfortunate that you get involved with a person who does not fully understand and share your intentions and the direction in which you are going in life.
    A dream about a rainy August augurs many dilemmas and troubles due to numerous rumors, especially by hostile women. Hypocritical people will take care to make your life difficult, so do everything you can to prevent their disastrous work from continuing.

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