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    A portion in a dream is a sign of interpersonal divisions as well as a symbol of mutual sharing. It is a sign of defined and well-established boundaries and patterns that should not be broken or underestimated .
    when you see her - you probably know what you can count on in life and you always expect it, be careful because someone may surprise you unpleasantly
    baby a portion - a sign of unfair divisions through which bystanders may suffer, perhaps the share you received from someone is insufficient for you
    a large portion - usually a symbol saturation and fulfillment in life, with a clear conscience you can say that some things went your way
    unfair portion - it is a sign of harm or mistakes made in the past, do not scratch old wounds and do not go back to what has already been, because not everything in life with you will always be able to fix it
    appropriate - it may mean that you feel good about what you are doing and that you are satisfied with the way you live
    your own portion - a sign that you will strengthen your resolve and, contrary to what others say, after a momentary breakdown, you will quickly get back on the straight
    someone else - may mean temporary disappointment and losses, which, however, will be made up in a relatively short time
    a portion of food - it is always a positive message for the hungry and needy.

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