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    A dispute in a dream is a sign of trying to resolve a certain internal conflict or closing unfinished cases. Sleep is also an expression of wrong judgments. It is also worth considering who is involved in a given dispute and what is its cause.
    to see the dispute - you will fix what seemed impossible to fix and thus achieve inner peace
    long-term dispute - you cannot forgive someone's infamous deeds that have damaged your relationship with a close friend
    family dispute - you will settle old quarrels that hindered your contact with loved ones
    if you have a dispute with strangers - the choice you make turns out to be wrong
    a dispute between neighbors - you will reach out to agree to your fierce opponent
    dispute between lovers - a dream augurs success in marriage matters
    dispute over inheritance - you will witness how after many years the ridiculous conflict will finally be resolved
    If you are involved in a dispute - after a wave of quarrels your contacts with its surroundings will cool down. Only good intentions and a positive attitude can fix what was once broken.
    If you are dreaming about a dispute with a friend - you should be alert in business matters. Uncertain business can lead to a loss of your savings.

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