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Anise in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Anise in a dream is an auspicious sign that portends the fulfillment of dreams and all hopes of the dreamer. A dream augurs success in planned undertakings and sometimes also material benefits due to tedious and hard work, it announces joy and a lot of pleasure in life. Anise, known for centuries as an aphrodisiac, is a sign of romantic and happy love, it proposes a romance or the maintenance of current relationships with a partner, numerous company and good friends.
    Eating anise in a dream foreshadows a peaceful and long life, and is also a prediction to make favorable acquaintances.
    If you dream about the smell of anise, it means that rash actions can contribute to making numerous and unnecessary mistakes, and can also provoke aversion to certain things.
    A dream in which you add anise to your food is a sign that your plans will be successful if you put in the right amount of work, and it is also a prediction that you will make the right use of an opportunity in life.
    Dried anise in a dream is a message that painstaking and hard work will not bring you the expected results or satisfaction.
    When you dream that you are planting an anise, it is a sign that the distinction you will receive will make your opponents very worried. Sleep also promises success in the nearest arrangements and the solution of troublesome matters.
    Buying anise in your dreams sends the message that if you want to go ahead with your plans, you should first.

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