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Asia in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The appearance of the Asian continent in a dream is a symbol of tradition, wisdom and knowledge. Usually, dream portends changes that may prove to be of little benefit to the dreamer. In another context, the dream of Asia heralds the implementation of plans that have so far been unrealistic. Dreams of traveling around Asia usually indicate a desire to discover what is distant and oriental, a desire to make friends with a foreign culture, discover new horizons and establish relationships with valuable people who have something interesting to offer. Being in Asia may indicate identification with a given region that is still unknown and hides many interesting secrets. Asia in a dream can sometimes be associated with poverty, chaos and asceticism.
    If you dream that you are in Asia, it is a sign that with time it will be difficult for you to understand the motives of a person who has been your guide in life for a long time. Planning a trip to Asia means that you will have a tumultuous change in your family and professional life.
    The dream of traveling around Asia says that despite many activities, you will not be able to fully achieve all your goals.
    The dream of returning from Asia usually means that you will help the needy, good karma will come back to you after a while.
    If you meet an Asian, it is a sign that you will improve your results in an area in which you have not felt well before, thereby making an impression on your surroundings.

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