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    The pursuit in a dream is an instinctive response to a threat and a frequent motive of fear. In such dreams we often deal with a threat that can hurt us and even kill.
    The stalker or attacker may also represent some aspect of his own psyche, feelings of anger, jealousy, fear or love, and may also appear as a potential threat.
    if so you're chasing someone or something - the dream reflects the way you pursue your ambitions, desires and life goals.
    The most common cause of dreams about chasing is fear of attack. Such dreams are usually more common in women than in women. For women may feel physically more vulnerable to outside influences or living in an urban setting Dreams of chase are often triggered by the media, which tend to exaggerate the emerging dangers.
    police pursuit - you need to share with k use your fears and try to eliminate them
    pursuit after the thief - it terrifies you that you are too often crossing the beaten boundaries in your life
    beeing chased by animal - you will expose yourself to a certain person; think about it, you may have strong jealousy or anger towards someone that you take out on others or you are unable to properly control your own emotions.

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