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Root in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Roots are a symbol of tradition and life stability. In dreams, they most often constitute a warning that in life you should first of all take care of your own interests.
    see them - stop carefully examining a certain matter, because it will not end well for you
    see the roots of plants or trees - a dream is a symbol of your own values and the belief system that we try to cultivate in everyday life
    eat the roots - good health
    dig - arduous work ahead of you
    stumble over roots - you need to be careful in your actions
    stumble over a root and fall over - you will sabotage your own actions by what you mentally condemn to failure
    uprooting - a big change in life awaits you
    digging up - you should be more take a close look at one on
    smelling the roots - you need to reach to the source of the problem that you will face in your daily life
    being pulled by the roots - you are ready to leave the past behind, break off old habits and unwanted relationships and then move on
    tooth root - a dream portends disappointment and illusory hopes.

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