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    An eagle in a dream symbolizes determination and a sense of pride. A certain area of ​​your life makes you feel free, fulfilled and you feel independent. The eagle is also a sign of boldness and determination that guarantee the achievement of many successes, but sometimes it is not worth stepping out in front, if only because of people who are very jealous and sometimes even envious. Remember that certain actions carry a risk of danger.
    to see the eagle - successes and profits
    fly with the eagle - you will strive to achieve your goal at all costs, just be careful not to spoil your enjoyment the process of achieving your intentions
    to see an enraged eagle - it means an attack on your own pride and independence; it may also mean that you usually find it difficult to compromise in life
    shoot the eagle - you won't be in the state not solve your problems happily
    see high - you will be very happy, which will prove to be a good sign for the relationship
    sitting or standing - the stage of the rule of a certain group will come to an end and you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief
    kill the eagle - you will deal with unfriendly people who wish you badly
    eat eagle meat - thanks to your persistence you will achieve great things that your enemies will envy you
    soaring eagle - you will bounce off the bottom and fulfill finally your dreams
    dead eagle - your enemies are just waiting for you to stumble; be careful because they can use any means against you
    see in the coin - bet on a good card for which you will be handsomely rewarded
    black - the death of a friend will shake you a lot
    white - you will become the heir
    young eagle - you have extensive acquaintances that you can become praise, if you have a need, do not hesitate too long but try to use them.

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