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Arming in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The dream of arming is an expression of the need to ensure the necessary safety and protection for yourself and your loved ones. Usually, it carries the message that only a prudent person is able to protect himself against the threat that lurks around the corner, as well as to anticipate the dangers and losses resulting from them in a timely manner. Sleep can also be an expression of hidden aggression and troubles, as well as a harbinger of tensions and fears in the near future.
    If you dream that you are seeing weapons, it is a sign that you will use your power to persuade someone to commit evil deeds or to protect them from the dangers around them.
    An armed attacker in a dream is an announcement that you will unnecessarily succumb to the persuasions of evil people, through whom you will have serious trouble, only the help of relatives and friends will be able to save you from oppression.
    War armament means that the tensions in which you will live will reach its zenith, if you do not rest, you will lose your will to act and your inner balance for a long time.
    When you dream about modern weapons, it is a sign that regaining balance in your life will involve hiding your inner weaknesses and going beyond your comfort zone.
    When you are armed in your dream, you will do a foolishness by abusing the trust of a loved one, be careful not to hurt the people you really love because it can lead to unnecessary suffering.
    Dreaming of obsolete or rusty weapons is a sign that the old ways of reaching your enemies will no longer be effective.

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