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    The front that appears in dreams is a sign of the dreamer's brave attitude and his tendency to use the appropriate conditions needed to defeat the enemy. The dream usually portends freedom from oppressive oppression, and is also a symbol of long life, courage and honor.
    If you can see the front of an object, then a dream means that you should keep your distance when expressing your feelings, as you may say one word too much than necessary.
    The dream war front is a sign that you will lead a very important undertaking that will make you overcome your main rival and strengthen your current position in the team.
    The dream in which you see the front of your furniture is a sign of upcoming changes in your home life, it can also be a preview of a planned renovation.
    The front of the building in a dream portends numerous honors and successful enterprises. The higher it is, the dreamer can count on more success in his life.
    When you dream that you are approaching someone from the front, it means that thanks to your brave attitude you will overcome all adversities that will stand in your way to your goal.

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