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Crust in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The shell in a dream is a symbol of isolation as well as inner closure from the world around us. You may not think about it yet, but living in hiding may reflect your personal relations with the environment. Emotional shutting down from other people will not give you shelter from your current problems.
    see the shell - you are trying to protect someone from troubles that you yourself needlessly he feared himself
    to break the shell - sleep bodes well for prosperity and happiness in everyday life
    eat the shell - you will strengthen your contacts with people, with whom you had little in the past
    to have a crust on your head - you will soon find a solution to a chronic problem where people point their fingers at you
    hold shell - you have an exorbitant opinion of yourself that someone will soon break down
    shell me j - don't let others get over your head; it's time to show your true self
    collect shells - the announcement of a serious illness in the family.

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