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Redhead in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Redhead in a dream is always associated with extreme feelings, extreme thoughts and a fiery personality.
    to see a redhead - you will set yourself limits that you will later cross
    have red hair - you will be accused of gossiping that will introduce a lot of anxiety into someone's life
    have red-haired siblings - family quarrels will lead to a bigger scandal
    dye your hair red - hide very important facts from someone that will reveal your shortcomings in an important case
    to have red freckles - gossip will make you shame and make you more timid than usual
    lose red hair - you will renounce material existence for the sake of a higher good
    red beard - thanks to a recently met man your desires will finally come true
    kl aun with red hair - means laughing through tears, you will feel embarrassed but no one will take you seriously
    red hair on the brush - the need for adventure will make it difficult be faithful to your partner.

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