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    A dream about a cake shows the need to learn to share with others. Sometimes it also symbolizes a lack of fair distribution. In a negative sense, a dream may indicate problems with leaving work .
    see the cake - you must learn to fairly share the responsibilities
    cut the cake - remember that a better "piece of cake" than nothing
    cost - announcement of a joyful event or financial benefits
    buy a cake - you will be publicly rewarded for your hard work
    refuse to eat a cake - the most important thing for you is the realization of plans, not momentary pleasures
    knead the dough - sleep is a warning against too much large wastefulness
    freshly baked cake - a sense of momentary fulfillment
    stale - a strong will to fight will allow you to achieve blast ranted success
    to see the cake partially eaten - represents lost opportunities
    not to be able to get a freshly baked cake - someone will get a reward for your hard work
    broken dough or jam - sleep is a reflection of short-term pleasures at the expense of long-term goals
    yeast dough - finally you better take care of your loved ones
    chocolate cake - you deserve a prize, your hopes and plans will surely come true.

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