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Breakwater in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

A breakwater in a dream is a symbol of safety, security and social isolation. It is also a warning against the uncontrolled emotional outburst of the person who dreams of it. The breakwater protects people against waves, i.e. against the element of water, and protects against unnecessary damage. A dream about a breakwater is an expression of a desire to cut yourself off from toxic relationships with people with atypical beliefs. It is also a harbinger of winning the fight against the enemy, it also means the need for life stability and achieving existential comfort.

What does it mean to dream about BREAKWATER?

The view of the breakwater in your dreams is an announcement that you will build safe relationships with people from scratch, who will easily get you out of trouble in difficult moments of your life.

Building a breakwater in your dreams is usually a sign that you will start to put up barriers that are difficult to overcome. Your prospects will be limited due to the fact that you are constantly building internal barriers. So if you do not open yourself to other people in time, sooner or later you may find that you are completely alone with everything.

According to the dream book, a destroyed breakwater is a harbinger of an unexpected avalanche of unpleasant events. Only one person will extend a helping hand to you, thanks to which everything will end positively for you.

If you don't have a breakwater, it means in your dreams that you will lose the protection you have achieved in your life in real life. However, a long life under a lampshade will have consequences for you in the future. Being completely dependent on others will only make you believe that you have lost your independence a long time ago.

If in your dream you destroy the breakwater, it is a sign that you will no longer need the help of the person who has been your important support until now. The dream book states that this type of dreams foreshadow an exceptionally difficult period in the dreamer's life. Unwise decisions and bad choices will eventually have to have consequences.

Walking on the breakwater in dreams foreshadows beautiful moments in your life full of happiness and joy. A walk by the sea on the breakwater tells the dreamer a rich family life and the fulfillment of personal dreams.

Waves hitting the breakwater are, according to the dream book, the announcement of moments full of uncertainty that will ultimately make you undertake a number of new ventures.

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