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    A dream about reading symbolizes new ideas and observations, sometimes it also gives answers to many questions that bother us.
    read a book - you act on your own experiences
    read a book with a colored cover - learn to share problems with your loved ones and your life will become easier
    read a book upside down - you usually act blind, so think twice before making each decision
    read a negative book - you are guided in life beaten patterns based on past experiences, it's time to move in a different direction
    read a thick book - you are constantly investing in personal development
    buy book - before making any decisions, gather more relevant information on the topic
    borrow a book from someone - you will deepen save your talents and skills
    torn, damaged or old book - consider all options for getting out of the situation
    open book - you open up to new ideas
    closed book - you close yourself to the knowledge that others want to pass on to you.

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