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Coral reef in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The reef in a dream is an asylum, a dream and magical place where we want to be in our lives. It is also an expression of inner fears and fear of monsters from the past that can disturb our peaceful and beautiful existence at any moment.
    see the reef - you will unknowingly make a mistake for which you will be condemned by a person who is close to you; however, remember that some people never see the fault in themselves only in others, so don't take what you hear very personally and start to defend yourself
    coastal reef - someone will ask you unexpected a blow that you will not be able to defend yourself against by excessive exhaustion
    coral reef - the atmosphere around you will get very hot, but don't get broken by your over-sensitivity
    to dive and admire the coral reef - great experiences ahead of you that will both a lot of anxiety and joy
    to sail the reef by ship - do not look for problems where there are none, rather expect an external threat.

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