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    The pigeon symbolizes a gentle personality, harmony and love. Sometimes a dream may portend unsatisfied sexual needs or false rumors.
    see - someone wrongly blames you for the actions of others; alternatively a dream expresses a desire to return home
    to hear cooing - you will open up to suggestions that may not necessarily be in line with your point of view
    feed the pigeons - try to appreciate the actions of loved ones who have good intentions towards you
    to scare them, kill or eat them - you will make yourself a lot of trouble by rejecting the favor and help of an important man
    see flying pigeons - on your way you will meet honest people
    see a flock of pigeons - you will experience a blissful time
    to be a pigeon trader - think carefully before rejecting any offers that yesterday you liked very much liked
    to see a pigeon eaten by another animal - you will suffer the consequences for spreading some news or rumors
    pecking pigeons - love fulfilled or sincere friendship
    try to catch a pigeon - expect guests or a meeting with someone you have not had contact with for a long time
    see the pigeons in the loft - profits and profits
    pigeons fighting each other - a harbinger of stormy love
    dead pigeon - your expectations are broken from reality
    white dove - unexpected but nice news will reach you
    black pigeon - may be a harbinger of sadness, regret or losses
    striped pigeon - watch out for the trickster
    carrier pigeon - the dream embodies those thoughts and desires that you would like to fulfill.

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