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    Disgust in a dream is most often an expression of hidden regret and many extreme feelings. Perhaps in your waking life something really caused you disgust or disgust.
    if you feel disgusted towards someone - you will feel resentment and aggression towards someone or you will find that someone has not behaved honorably towards you
    when someone feels disgust towards you - you will begin to feel a total aversion towards others
    when you feel disgusted with eating - you will have to come to terms with an uncomfortable situation that will take place in your life
    when you feel disgusted by something - a certain person will disgust you to the limit of everyday life
    when you feel disgusted to kiss someone - you will begin to impose your views and opinions on others
    if you feel disgust at the sight of a snake or other reptile - you will i negative emotions that cause you nerves and stress.

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