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Bride in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The bride as a dream represents commitment and compliance with generally accepted rules. Its appearance may herald the upcoming changes in our lives.
    to see the bride - the announcement of peaceful days filled with joy and happiness
    to marry her - you will start to look at your future with confidence
    lead her to the aisle - you will finally realize your desires
    be her - you will only be able to implement your plans if you follow carefully thought out strategy
    meet her by chance - unexpectedly there will be an interesting opportunity for additional earnings
    the bride escaping from the altar - rumors spread by your enemies can hurt you
    dance with her - although in your life you always try to make sensible decisions will eat, this time you will not be able to rise to the occasion
    kiss her - if you are her fiancé, such a dream portends great happiness waiting for you, but if you kiss someone else then a young dream is a reflection of your frivolous and rebellious nature
    to talk to the bride - you will renew your forgotten acquaintances
    to argue with the bride - the dream indicates waiting for a long time for positive news on an important matter
    tearful bride - you will not run away from worries and worries in the near future
    happy and joyful - if you just look around carefully, you will see new possibilities from life
    sad - you cannot conform to the generally prevailing rules
    in a black dress - a dream indicates the appearance of misunderstandings and troubles in waking life
    in a white cloth and - what seemed unreal so far will now have a greater chance of success.

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