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    Nudity in a dream means inner disharmony and a sense of inferiority in life. It is also a sexual symbol of hidden fantasies. Sometimes nudity can encourage us to be more open and abandon. inhibitions.
    strip naked - the fear of exposing your own actions or revealing some embarrassing issue will start to intimidate you
    to see a naked person - you will start to fear rejection
    see a naked person and feel disgust - you will take scandalous actions
    run naked - someone will try to outsmart you
    feel at ease being naked - you are not afraid to make mistakes, thanks to which you will learn a lot in life
    get scared naked person - sleep means anxiety, hidden romance or loss of prestige
    to see naked people g> - the secret you want to hide from the world will come to light
    suddenly find out that you are naked - you will approach some issue too critically
    naked man - a dream bodes fear and horror, if it's pretty - good business
    to see a naked and beautiful woman - happiness and love longing
    to see a naked, ugly and old woman - you will be exposed to shame and mockery
    to see a naked man of the opposite sex - someone will finally satisfy your longing
    to see yourself naked in a bath - you will be successful and in good health
    to see a naked friend - a dream foreshadows adversity or quarrels
    to be naked - bodes poverty.

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