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Beat in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    We read as a call to make fundamental changes in your attitude. You should reevaluate your priorities. A dream may also indicate that someone is manipulating you or is violating your zone comfort.
    be beaten - sleep is a call to try harder to achieve your goals
    beat someone - in the near future serious problems are waiting for you
    to see people fighting - you will lose control over some part of your life
    to beat someone from your family in conflict with the law
    fight in the crowd - you will face severe punishment for past deeds
    beating yourself - you will be ridiculed
    beat the child - do not beat yourself up because you cannot avoid some loss
    beat the cat - you will be betrayed by a loved one, it will take a lot has an impact on your future
    animal - a warning against speculation or unfavorable acquaintances.

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