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Care in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Caring in a dream is most often an expression of care for people close to our heart. It is also a symbol of personal experiences and hidden fears. Perhaps you are afraid to talk to people about some uncomfortable topics or you are hiding important secrets from the world It's high time to come out of hiding and face problems that are bothering you.
    take care of someone - you care too much for others without thinking about yourself
    take care of your baby - a certain person will awaken in you a maternal instinct that will make you make new moves
    take care of the elderly - you will benefit from wise advice and experiences of a loved one
    look after your parents - you will start to worry about family matters
    look after the animal - sleep is a warning to curb your own primitive urges through which you can you will lose the appreciation of your surroundings
    leave someone unattended - you will finally free yourself from the difficulties that used to take up a lot of your time.

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