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Halo in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A halo in a dream is most often associated with gods, angels, heroes and rulers. In a simple sense, it is an image of the sun surrounding the head or upper body. It is associated with the powers used to control human activities and with the belief in the existence of a higher force that is responsible for the mystical events taking place on Earth. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes some significant spiritual development and supernatural energy.
    A dream in which you have a halo over your head usually means that you are trying to be a perfectionist in every matter, but you have to be careful because by doing several things at once, you can quickly burn out.
    An angel with a halo over his head is a positive harbinger in a dream, which is a symbol of powerful power and broad prospects for the future.
    When you dream of a big, burning halo, then you can expect a very pleasant surprise in your family or positive news from far away.
    The halo in a woman's dream is an announcement that she will soon have a very loving family.
    In men's dreams, a halo is a sign of a harmonious relationship with a wise woman who will endure many trials in life. Together, you will take advantage of every opportunity to only strengthen what unites you.

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