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Bat in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A bat in a dream is a symbol of uncleanness, fear and unpleasantness. According to Chinese beliefs, five bats in a dream symbolize good health, longevity, wealth and happiness.
    to see - a dream foreshadows unused chances and opportunities
    to see a flyer - a dream should be treated as a warning, a series of misfortunes may await you in the near future
    a bat that does not fly - such a dream is a symbol of human wisdom
    white bat - symbolizes death
    black - you will suffer a personal defeat
    capture - your financial situation will improve significantly and you will get straight in your life
    see a few bats - you will make significant progress in many endeavors
    get bitten by a bat - you will act in an undignified manner, you may betray a friend calf or loved ones.

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