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    Dancing in a dream expresses a ritual that is constantly recreated by us in life. It is a sign that you will regain your lost balance and receive the necessary support that will lead to harmony in your life. The dance dream symbolizes recklessness, happiness, grace, sensuality and sexual desires. It also means freedom from all restrictions and restrictions.
    to see the dance - you will face a very difficult a choice that will lift you to the heights or lead you to fall
    dancing alone - your life will finally be calm
    dancing solo to the rhythm of a restless music - you will be mocked and criticized, people will mock you and point their fingers at you for a long time
    if a loved one dances with someone you don't know - for professional reasons you will start to feel frustrated and melancholy will creep into your personal life
    see people dancing - temporary stagnation will make you feel bitterness in life
    dancing with someone - you will find a common language again with a person close to your heart
    fall in the dance - restrain your sensuality because it can lead you to fall
    dance hall - you will start to hurt your good name
    to be a dance instructor - your life is one great fun, it's high time to grow out of your youth and start seriously thinking about your future
    to be in dance school - your heart will be filled with blissful joy that will allow you to overcome a hard time in life
    dancing at a wedding or at a disco - stubbornness and striving for the ideal will make you you will make a good impression on someone
    ballerina dance - to the surprise of everyone around you will engage in creative activity
    learn to dance - you will fall in love or engage in a romantic relationship.

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