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Clean up in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The cleaning that occurs in a dream is an expression of nostalgia for an orderly life that is predictable and constant. Perhaps you are a person who enjoys and draws from the daily routine joy and happiness A constant schedule of life does not always have to be bad, it is very often a sign of satisfaction and satisfaction with everyday existence. The dream of cleaning is also an expression of the cult of work that we like, respect and appreciate.
    see someone cleaning up - if you appreciate people for their efforts, your future will be much better than you think
    clean the house - you have to get rid of the old ones habits and habits because they can put you out of favor with other people
    clean the room, apartment - faith in a better tomorrow will enter into you
    cleaning the office - you will finally get rid of the burden that has long overwhelmed you in your life
    cleaning the beer c e - you will undertake unsuccessful undertakings that will have to be repaired over time
    clean the fridge or oven - you will start to feel inferior, perhaps you choose the wrong company with which you spend a day on your day
    clean up after your child - you will enjoy the joy that you will spread to others
    if you clean the table yourself - sleep bodes well deterioration of health
    to see someone cleaning the table - do not be too wasteful, saving is the key to success.

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