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    A dream about curls means that you think about the same thing over and over again. Perhaps it is worth solving the problem at last, so as not to keep coming back to it forever. Curls are also symbol of happiness in love.
    to see the curls at home - an announcement of love intrigues
    to see others - a certain person will tell you about your own love adventure
    to have your head all curled - you will have deceptive love or complicated feelings
    loss of curls - someone will be deceiving love you by the nose; alternatively a dream means the end of a love story
    let your curls cut - do not beware of love, on the contrary, fight for it with all your might while you can
    give someone a bunch of curls - someone reciprocates your feelings
    blurred by rain - do not give in until you find out that they are not only a vain hope
    get from someone - you are the object of someone's love.
    See also the meaning of sleep hair .

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