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    A dune in a dream most often means a desire for protection and shelter from the elements. A dream about dunes foreshadows poverty, misfortune and numerous life problems. Dunes are also a reflection of spirituality and closeness Every dream associated with the dunes is a sign that a hypocritical person will try to influence you against your will. In the Persian tradition, sand avoids misfortunes, in the Western tradition a dream foreshadows many problems, while according to the Eastern tradition it portends uncertainty, instability and indecisiveness. Sandy beaches are most often associated with the desire to relax, they can also be associated with holiday memories.
    when you see the dune - this sign should worry you, because it may be a harbinger of an impending illness or misfortune be dead
    throwing sand on the dune - a sign of high profits
    walking on the dunes - means that the projects you are about to undertake may turn out to be very dangerous for you.
    large dunes - they can be an expression of deviation from the right life path
    beautiful dunes - they are a sign of abandoned dreams or a strong desire for life stabilization
    when you have lost your way in the dunes - the emotional relationship in which you become involved will start to bother you, so consider whether it is worth putting in additional energy in it.

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