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    A rival in a dream is a symbol of competition and struggle in which you do not always win. Depending on what steps we take in life, our mission will be successful be a personal failure. Winning, which we usually strive for, does not always bring a person as much joy and satisfaction as the process of competition itself.
    to see your rival in a dream - you cannot convince decision-makers to your ideas, if you don't want to lose too much in life, you need to focus better on your self-presentation.
    be someone's rival - learn to assert your own rights and others will not have to stand in for your defense
    have a rival - if you fail to show what you can do, you will eventually lose your credibility
    be outsmarted by your rival - you neglect your duties or fail to bear your responsibility
    be severely defeated married by a rival - do not waste time on boring company but try to do something useful in life
    outsmart your rival - dream foretells happiness in your professional and emotional life
    a young woman dreaming of a rival - if you appreciate your current love, you won't have to try to find a new man.

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