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Candle in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A candle in a dream is a male sexual symbol. It symbolizes hope, new possibilities, positive attitude to life and deep faith.
    burning candle - do not disclose your plans for the future, because someone will finally get you
    to buy - quite a confusion will creep into your professional life
    sell - warning of possible losses
    light it - a sign that you are on the right track to find spiritual enlightenment
    carry the burning - you rely too much on other people
    burned out or extinguished - a bad sign, a symbol of misfortune, it can also reflect straw enthusiasm
    put out - the dream represents your over-concern for something that will probably never happen
    if the candle is being put out by the wind or someone else - a certain person will try to influence you her decision and she will want to force you to act against your will
    carry it in the church - you are on your way to overcoming all life difficulties
    burning in the church - you will feel regret for past actions
    candlelight dinner - it means caring for other people's feelings; you give hope to others and sympathize when there is a need
    pass it on to someone - you will meet friendly people who will support you in need
    many candles - in the near future you will have a reason to celebrate
    shining with a bright flame - you will have only parties and fun
    dripping or crooked - you will take part in a sublime event
    smoking - you have to descend to someone else's level, although you don't want to
    blinking - a sign that you should analyze your relationships and feelings and then make rational decisions
    yellow candle - the dream reflects our hopes and aspirations to spiritual enlightenment
    white candle - represents balance in waking life
    black candle - represents a positive sign of being disposed of negative emotions
    blue - you are looking for inner harmony that you will soon find
    red - you want your rival to be touched by misfortune.

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