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Ether in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Ether in dreams is a symbol of fleeting and impermanent bonds and pleasures. It is a warning against making fleeting illusions and hopes that prevent a person from becoming truly happy. Ether is also a symbol of recklessness, ill-considered decisions and an expression of willingness to take on new adventures and challenges. So it's better not to waste time on useless ventures and focus on what is important to you, because only in this way can you achieve success.
    putting someone to sleep with ether - means that your actions may become dangerous to your surroundings
    when you fall asleep after taking ether - this is a sign that you should be careful not to let someone mislead you because you may get addicted unnecessarily
    sniffing the ether - it means that your unwise approach to important matters will not bring you the expected satisfaction
    inhalation of ether - portends belief in deceptive hopes that may contribute to the dreamer's personal defeat
    when someone puts you to sleep with ether - a dream is a sign that you will succumb to the persuasion of a false man who will mask himself perfectly, but blind faith may contribute to an incorrect assessment as well as to your imminent loss
    ether used during surgery - it predict life in complete isolation or announces life challenges that will not bring the dreamer joy in the end
    ethereal substances in a dream - represent tempting pleasures and fun, which can cause you to go astray.

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