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Incest in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The dream of incest is usually not sexual in nature. Rather, it indicates problems and tensions between parents and children or between siblings. Alternatively, the dream may indicate that you are in a relationship with someone who reminds you of your father, mother, or another family member. Incest in a dream is also an expression of unconscious longing for love or a family home, usually means that you are worried about your future, perhaps you are also in conflict with someone and want forgiveness. Dream is a sign of life's progress and an expression of unconscious, repressed desires and perversions, it can also refer to the fear of love or to start a more mature life.
    If you see an act of incest, it is a sign that you will go to extremes in the hope of forgiveness for past sins.
    The dream of incest with a relative tells that someone in the family will need your help.
    Incest in women's dreams means that you are acting against your nature and you can lose your respect, honor or money.
    A man dreaming of incest is the announcement that you are afraid of entering into a relationship in real life.
    Dreaming of incest between siblings is usually an expression of improved relationships with people with whom you have had a hard time working together.

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