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Dulce de leche

    A dream in which dulce de leche appears is a harbinger of pleasant moments and unusual experiences. A sad chapter in your life, to which you constantly return, is a thing of the past, so try to close it as soon as possible, because the time has come for joyful experiences and happy and carefree days.
    view of dulce de leche - it is a prediction that you will be welcomed in certain circles with open hands
    eating dulce de leche - a sign that you will pleasantly surprise everyone with your new creation.
    butterscotch - means that you will start to feel like a real life delight, perhaps it is a literal taste sensation, a planned feast or a social gathering with treats
    making butterscotch - you will soon be judged by someone as a seasoned cook
    canned kajmak - bodes well for successful plans, ventures and celebrations
    heating it up strong> - you will successfully complete the project, which will require a lot of commitment and common sense from you
    buying butterscotch - it is a sign that your life will finally start to fall into place and you will prove yourself more active than before, maybe you will be invited to a social meeting or you will meet interesting people who will convince you to make the necessary changes.

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