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    A book in a dream is a symbol of knowledge, mystery and memories. For a better interpretation of a dream, consider the title, subject or color of the book.
    see the book - you will start moving in the right direction in life
    books lying on the shelf - you will have an idea that you will have to work on a little more, perhaps to develop it you will need additional knowledge or information
    write it - you do not get satisfaction from your job
    think about an overdue book - you have a sense of duty
    read the book - you will gain somebody's support or someone will help you in need
    stop reading the book - you will not be able to finish some things
    open the book - you will be in bad company
    learn from the book - you will achieve honor and wisdom of life
    see the manuscript - you are close to achieving your goals
    buy the book - certain acquaintance will be of great benefit to you
    to get the book - your marriage will be very happy
    to give someone a book - your arduous work will end in the end successfully completed
    open book - indicates innovation and the ease of creating new solutions
    print a book - in your life you will encounter many adversities
    closed book - you will find a vocation in a certain field or area that will require more work and learning from you; alternatively, a dream can act as a metaphor so as not to judge people by their appearance
    dusty book - you have blurred memories of an important stage in your life
    burned book - you will neglect your duties
    old book - someone wants you down
    phone book - close person your heart will fail in health
    children's book - sleep means a desire to escape from everyday reality to the world of fantasy; your childhood memories will probably come back to you
    satanic book - you will develop a one-sided way of thinking and your own view of the world.

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