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Counter in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Counter in a dream means that you will face an important decision. You may not yet know where your life is going, so you must first learn to compromise. If you count on someone to give you advice on where to go, you may be surprised, because remember that others may only be guided by their own interests when giving you advice.
    When you put your goods on the counter, things will turn out well in your dreams. A dream is a message that the realization of life plans can bring the dreamer great satisfaction.
    When you dream that you are standing in front of the counter, then the dream is a sign of a feeling of being undervalued in your life. Perhaps you feel that your life is slipping through your fingers and your dreams will never come true.
    A tall counter in a dream is a sign that you will show a very passive attitude towards someone in a certain situation, which may weaken your social position.
    Dreaming of an old counter indicates a desire to make amends for the wrongs that you have done to someone in the past.
    Dirty counter does not bode anything good, usually announces disturbing news that will change a lot in the dreamer's life.
    If in a dream you cannot see anything from behind the counter, then you will meet numerous difficulties on your way, which, due to your own carelessness, may be difficult to control.

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