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Cheek in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The cheeks symbolize our sensitivity, tenderness and care. Moreover, they can also reflect our state of health.
    see - ambition will prevail over the practical ones, consider whether it is worth following them
    delicate cheeks - in inconvenient matters you will avoid confrontation or accuse an innocent person of something
    healthy, ruddy - you will pull yourself together and take advantage of the opportunity
    blade - there may be problems with solving some matter or making an important decision in life
    scratched cheeks - an announcement of health problems or many worries and worries
    makeup - do not pay attention for gibes if important matters are involved
    frozen - someone will persuade you to make an unreasonable move
    baking on your cheeks - you needlessly bother yourself with some unimportant issues
    dimples on your cheeks - you have no influence on the emergence of new problems, so you should not worry about what the future holds
    very painted cheeks - you will be exposed to mockery.

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